Music Educator - Researcher - Speaker - Thought Leader



I am a passionate music educator, researcher, advocate, and leader, constantly exploring the emerging trends in learning and teaching practice in music, the arts, and beyond. I am a passionate educator and I am focused on developing quality experiences that will enhance efficacy and understanding in the following areas:-

  • technology-based learning (including online learning),

  • collaboration and problem solving,

  • strategic thinking, design, and application,

  • research and evidence-based practice,

  • artistic performance and creativity,  

  • creative, purposeful leadership, 

  • innovative curriculum design and implementation.


I have a diverse background that includes a wide range of leadership experience, combined with many years of teaching in various secondary and tertiary settings. I have offered many presentations, workshops, keynotes, and publications, and continue to be in demand as a presenter and consultant for schools and other organisations.


After being employed in a large independent school in Sydney as Director of Research in Learning and the Barker Institute for many years, I have recently taken on an academic role as Senior Lecturer in Performance Teaching at Melbourne Conservatorium at the University of Melbourne. Having been involved in leading many teams and colleagues, I continue to refine and share my experience in these areas. 


I am fascinated by motivation and self-regulation, having completed my Ph.D. in this area. I continue to undertake research and understand the things that drive humans in all that they do in our lives, with a particular interest in how motivation, the arts, and our sense of self contributes to our well-being. 


Education is pivotal in our lives and continues to change daily. We have the responsibility to alter practice and pedagogy to accommodate the ever-changing needs of the students in all settings. This a necessity to ensure that teachers are able to adapt and change their practice in the 21st century. At the present time with COVID-19, this has never been more important in education.

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   Areas of expertise 


  • Self-efficacy, motivation and all of the factors that drive our capacity as musicians, performers, teachers, leaders, and learners.

  • Developing self-regulation, goal setting, monitoring, and reflective practice to improve learning and achievement

  • Technology, online learning, and adaptive pedagogy, linked to creative, purposeful teaching practice

  • Purposeful use of assessment to provide quality feedback and improve understanding

  • Changing environments for effective 21st Century teaching and learning

  • Fostering creativity, innovation, problem-solving and adaptive behavior in individuals and teams, 

  • Exploration and development of the collaborative capacities of learners, across all learning environments.