January 24, 2017

Keynote Address at the WA Summer School - Perth

It was a great honour to present the opening keynote address at the WA ASME Summer School at Penrhos School, to all of the delegates, drawing on the latest developments in music education in Australia and around the world. The chance to share current thinking on 21st Century learning and teaching was enjoyable, as was the chance to share of the developments with advocacy around the various states and territories over the past two years as National President. 

July 11, 2017

ASME XXIst - National Music Conference - Melbourne

Close to 300 music educators and musicians met at RMIT for the XXIst ASME - Australian Society for Music Education Conference, with numerous workshops and presenters providing a fantastic offering of professional learning for all participants. It was exciting to be involved with this event and to oversee the National Executive and Council meetings in the days prior. It was wonderful to see all the projects that were being developed around Australia to support music education.

May 02, 2017

Why I love Music? A study of student involvement in co-curricular music performance.

Earlier in the year, I was invited by the South Australian Independent Schools' Association to complete a study into the attributes that contribute to student engagement in music performance through co-curricular involvement. Well over 1600 students from more than 25 different schools contributed to some fascinating data about their social and emotional connection to music, and the importance it has in their lives. Watch this space for more information. Some of this data was shared with the Heads of Music in Adelaide and has been distributed to schools to use as a means of advocacy.

January 04, 2017

Getting yourself on track for success. Tips for developing self-regulation as an adolescent.

Having spent many years studying the impact of self-efficacy and belief on self-regulation in students specifically,  I am currently writing a book to support the teaching and understanding of students in their adolescent years. Based on my own experience, and drawing on research, this will be available midway through 2017 for schools, students and staff. 

It will explore a range of chapters, will of which will include practical ideas and strategies to develop their understanding of their own capacity and the ability to grown their sense of hope and achievement through the planning, setting, monitoring of learning goals connected to purposeful self-reflection. My thesis can be downloaded and viewed via the button below. 

February 28, 2017

Music Advocacy across Australia

In my current role as National President of ASME, I am continuing to work with various other key associations and professionals as we aim to develop a greater awareness of music and its importance in the curriculum, combined with the need for greater time and depth of training in Primary Music courses across institutions in Australia.

January 01, 2017

Research access and coaching - development of a training project and teacher professional learning

In my role as a classroom practitioner, presenter and researcher, I am keen to develop a greater awareness and access to research methodology and resources to assist teachers in their own professional learning. If needed I am looking to develop workshops and coaching to develop this skill area in educators. As data becomes more important in schools and as teacher accreditation takes on a heightened level of research and self-reflection of practice, this is a key area that I am well trained in, and passionate about developing further.

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