My expertise in Learning, Leadership, and Music


As a Senior Lecturer in Music and Coordinator of the Master of Music (Performance Teaching) program at Melbourne Conservatorium of Music at the University of Melbourne, I continue to develop and share my passion in the areas of teaching, research, performance, psychology and curriculum development within the tertiary setting, while also continuing to develop partnerships and collaborations with the educational community locally, nationally and internationally. 


Prior to moving into academia, I was involved in music and music education for many years, having taught music in the NSW State, Catholic, and Independent systems. I also held lecturing positions at the University of Sydney, Western Sydney University and the University of New South Wales, combined with additional roles at the University of Queensland.


My professional life, my music, and much of music education work have involved advocacy and professional learning in Australia as well as involvement across various national and international committees and associations. My passion and focus have been ensuring access to quality music education for all students around Australia. This has also included sharing my passion, extensive teaching and research experience, and expertise in leadership at many events in Australia and beyond. 


As my passion is situated in motivation and learning, I have been fortunate to continue my work in a research-based role while also being able to teach and perform music, conduct various ensembles and develop a high-level performance with students at both the secondary and tertiary level.


Having a passion for music technology has allowed me to develop an awareness of emerging practice and application of the latest digital technologies in online and school-based learning environments.


As a consultant, I have developed large-scale Professional Learning programs, informed by Research and Innovation for teachers and leaders. As an experienced examiner in music performance, and also as an author, curriculum designer, and consultant, my experience in teaching and learning is extensive and informed by theory and practice.


Having previously been on Federal Government Advisory Groups, and National President of the Australian Society for Music Education (ASME), I am currently a commissioner for the (MISTEC) Music In School Teacher Education World Commission, and a member of the ISME (International Society for Music Education) World Advocacy Committee, working will colleagues around the world, to foster quality engagement in learning through music for everyone.


Drawing on my long-standing involvement in music education, technology, curriculum, and leadership, I have published widely across these areas.